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Computer Reseller News - RESEARCH

Sun Microsystems and the N-tier Architecture - HBS Publishing Product Detail Display

A Tennessean Technophile's Guide to Today and Tomorrow

Aberdeen Group -- IT Consulting and Market Research

Adaptive Learning Systems - Research @ NIST - ATP

Applied Research Laboratory (ARL)

Artificial Intelligence Center

Artificial Intelligence

AT&T Labs Research - Research Forum

AT&T Labs Research - Research Home

ATP Alliance Network

ATP FOCUSED PROGRAM Component-Based Software

Business and Technology Research Library A Business Researcher's Interests Searchable Knowledge Map for Leading Edge Thinking on Business Technology & Knowledge Management

Business Technology and Knowledge Management Network; Electronic Commerce @BRINT Forums Articles Magazines Conferences Reports News Advertising; Virtual Organizations; Market Research

CED - Comparison, Evaluation, and Development Laboratory - Temple University

Center for Research in Electronic Commerce UT Austin

Centre for Quantum Computation - Home Page

CML - Communication and Multimedia Laboratory of CSIE, NTU

Compaq Online Lab

Cost Benefits of Internet Platforms

Cutter Consortium Free Research Articles

Data Management Strategies

DCA Starting to Pick Up Speed

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Designing a New Top-Level Structure

Distributed Artificial Intelligence Research Unit - UK

DSTC Research

e-Business Application Delivery

EBITS Electronic Business & Information Technology for Society Research Consortium

Electronic Commerce Research Center

Enterprise Web Applications

ERP - Supply Chain Research Center

EvoWeb - Evolutionary computing

Exploration Warehouses Techniques and Products

Forrester Research - E-Commerce annual growth rate of 99%

Forrester Research - Full Research List - By Lens

GartnerGroup Interactive Home

GartnerGroup's Gartner E-businesses

Growth in computer use key factor in rising skills and rewards in the workplace

HBS Publishing Teaching Materials - California Research Center Cases

How to capture the full power of the networked marketplace

Hurwitz Group Inc.

IBM Research - Clustering Technology

IBM Research - computer security

IBM Research - Deep Blue Technology

IBM Research - networking technologies

IBM Research - scalable computing

IBM Research News

IBM Research

IDC.COM - Your Source For IT Research and Information

Information Mechanics

Infrastructure Research Center

International Data Corporation - The Global Leader in IT Market Research

Internet-based Research Information System - IRIS Home Page

Intranet Research Center

Jupiter Communications - Market Research on the Consumer Online Industry

Leadership Research Center

Managing the New Infrastructure

Maui Research & Technology Park

META Group -- N-Tier Advantages It's the APIs Stupid.(OCSS 755)

META Group INsights - Application Delivery Strategies (ADS)

Netroscope Essential Research that Brings the Network into Focus


Nua Internet Surveys

ObjectWatch Home Page

Outsourcing Research Center - Articles

PARC Open Implementation Group

Patricia Seybold Group Home Page

PITAC - Information Technology Research- Report to the President - Market Research Publications

Quantum computation a tutorial

Research at the MIT Media Laboratory

Research Briefs from Cutter Consortium Archive Top

Research Publications

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Bell Labs Research May Extend Life Expectancy Of Silicon-Based Transistor Technology

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Keeping It Confidential Researchers Harness Chaos For Private & Fast Optical Communications

ScienceDaily Magazine -- ORNL Research Gets Boost With New Teraop Computer

ScienceDaily Magazine -- Sandia Researchers Develop World's Fastest Encryptor -- Soon Will Protect Classified Computer Information

SICS Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Software Component Interface Description in SGML

Technology Business Research Benchmarking the Computer & Networking Industries

The Corporate Use of Object Technology

the David D. Lattanze Center PUBLICATIONS INDEX

The Ernst & Young Center for Business Innovation - Research


The MIT Center for Coordination Science Research Overview

The TIER Laboratory

UMBC Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology

UPSIDE magazine research highlights

W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium

W3C Technical Reports and Publications

Web-based Technology and Clear Business Goals Crucial to Enterprise Systems Success - Press Release Project ESII (070899)

Welcome to NSERC - the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Welcome to TERENA - the Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association

Welcome to the Santa Fe Institute

Welcome to the Virtual-U research project

World Client-Server N-Tier DBMS Software Markets

Xerox PARC - Brainstorming the Future

Xerox PARC's research center


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