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Microsoft Related Links

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Microsoft Tackles Distributed Computing

MSDN Online Voices - The Duwamish Books Sample Application

A ClientServer Problem

A Guide to Reviewing Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Release 2.0

A Scalable Architecture

A Tutorial on Microsoft Technologies - COM, DCOM, COM+, ActiveX, MTS, DNA, ASP, RDS, Tutorial for building distributed web applications

About Microsoft COM

Administrating middle-tier applications with Microsoft's transaction server

ADT - June 1998 Special Report - Microsoft Development Strategies

An n-tier Architecture

Application Development in the Internet Age - Web Workshop More or Hess Application Development

Are You Getting What You Need From Your Network Operating System

Articles on Microsoft Component Object Model-based Technologies

BackOffice Logo'd Software List

Bill Gates' Web Site - N-Tier related Speech

BizTalk Could Spur XML And E-Business -- Microsoft Makes Big Investment In Latest XML Framework

Build Reliable and Scalable N-tier Applications that Run on Both Windows NT and Unix --MSJ December 1998

Building Windows Applications for the Internet Age

Building Windows-Based Applications for the Internet Age

Can Microsoft stay on top

CNET - Microsoft hones business tools

CNET - Microsoft's business app plan - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft eyes next big boom e-commerce tools - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft fights talent drain with new tools API - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft hatching online plans for Office - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft mounts plans to bring out new Windows - News - Enterprise Computing - Microsoft to add another billion to R&D budget - News - Enterprise Computing - No money behind Microsoft's XML support

CNN - Microsoft - Bad security or bad press - September 28 1999

CNN - Microsoft rethinks clustering strategy - September 28 1999

COM Technologies Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS)

Component Types

Component-Based Development with Microsoft Repository

Data Over the Web XML Marks the Spot MIND July 1998

Designing Applications for Microsoft BackOffice

Designing Efficient Applications for MS SQL Server

Designing the Three-Tier CML Application

Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) - Downloads Specifications Samples Papers and Resources for Microsoft DCOM

Employing Microsoft Transaction Server in Multitier Applications Part II

Healthcare for Developers -- MCS

Healthcare Industry -- Infosys Partner Profiles

High Hopes For The New NT

Holding State in Objects with Microsoft Transaction Server

Home Page [Microsoft Windows 2000 Server]

Home Page - Microsoft Technologies for Java

IIS 4.0 and MTS 2.0 Technology for the Web


Integration of Windows-based ClientServer Systems with Legacy Hosts in the Enterprise

Internet Information Services Architecture

Java - The Microsoft Perspective - VBZone Opinion

Lower Costs Through End-to-End Management

MessageQ.Com - How To Free Your Information

Microsoft - PressPass Investments etc

Microsoft - Samples and Demos Home Page

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

Microsoft ADO Product Information

Microsoft aims for outer limits (InfoWorld)

Microsoft COM Case Studies - Lawson Products Case Study Using COM-based Solutions to Develop a Platform-Independent Web-Enabled Interface Components

Microsoft COM Technologies - Information and Resources for the Component Object Model-based technologies

Microsoft COM White Papers Specificiations FAQs and Documentation about the Component Object Model-based Technologies

Microsoft Component Services A Technology Overview

Microsoft Developer Store Product Edition

Microsoft Develper Headlines

Microsoft Digital Nervous System - Digital Nervous System Home Page - Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft E-Commerce and the Digital Nervous System

Microsoft Education Academic Products And Pricing Development Tools

Microsoft Enterprise Partners Directory

Microsoft Europe Business Applications Conference - Knowledge Management - Sessions

Microsoft faulted for thin-client licensing policies

Microsoft Green-Lights Digital Dashboard

Microsoft Highlights Growing Developer Momentum for Windows NT 5.0; New Application Services Including COM+ Drive Early Developer Adoption

Microsoft In Transition (30-8-99)

Microsoft In Transition - Evidence Point


Microsoft Invests In Future Of Distributed Computing - TechSearch

Microsoft Jobs

Microsoft Jokes

Microsoft may be planning new Web-based strategy

Microsoft Office & Visual Basic for Applications Developer

Microsoft Office Update


Microsoft PDC - Active Server Technologies

Microsoft PDC

Microsoft pitches Visual Basic for Web development (InfoWorld)

Microsoft pitches Visual Basic for Web development - LTI Online

Microsoft plans to take Office applications online (InfoWorld)

Microsoft Prepares For Web War Over Office

Microsoft Preps New Net Pricing Model

Microsoft PressPass - Bill Gates Speaks to Sold-Out Crowd of Developers Looking to Windows As Premier Platform for Development in the 21st Century

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft and Allaire Announce Enterprise Technology Integration Agreement

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft and Ernst & Young LLP Simplify E-Commerce Development Projects With eCommerce RapidStart Program

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft Highlights Growing Developer Momentum For Windows NT 5.0

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft Hosts First-Ever Business Applications Conference

Microsoft PressPass - Momentum Grows for Microsoft Transaction Server Technology

Microsoft Reality Check - the future of personal computing - UPSIDE today

Microsoft Repository - Component-Based Development

Microsoft Security Advisor Program Microsoft Security Bulletin

Microsoft Security Advisor Program

Microsoft Showcases New Developer Tools

Microsoft Smallbiz

Microsoft SNA Server - Microsoft SNA Server 4.0 helps Ohio Savings

Microsoft Tackles Distributed Computing

Microsoft TechNet - Applications - Interoperability

Microsoft TechNet - Applications

Microsoft TechNet - Home Page

Microsoft TechNet - Interoperability Whitepaper

Microsoft TechNet - Microsoft IT Showcase

Microsoft TechNet - Microsoft's Data Warehousing Decision Support Reporting Tool - MS Reports

Microsoft TechNet Security

Microsoft Transaction Server A General Purpose Infrastructure for Multitier Applications

MICROSOFT TRANSACTION SERVER Component Development Strategies

Microsoft Transaction Server in Multitier Applications Microsoft Interactive Developer July 1997

Microsoft Under Fire (InfoWorld)

Microsoft Universal Data Access What's New Page

Microsoft unveils software that moves away from PC - Start Magazine

Microsoft Visual J++ Informant Online

Microsoft Visual Studio Resource Guide

Microsoft warms up to renting apps (InfoWorld)

Microsoft Web Workshop - XML Home

Microsoft Will Host Office Over The Net

Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Application Architecture

Microsoft, the NSA, and You - Cryptonym - Research Backstage Feature Column July 1999 Publishing to the Web in a Distributed Corporate Environment

Microsoft®BackOffice® platform and the Ohio Savings Bank

Migrating Existing Information Systems To Component Architectures

Moving from FoxPro 2.x to Visual FoxPro 5.0

MS Denies Windows 'Spy Key' - Wired News

MS Fate Grim, Analysts Fear - Wired News

MS Visual InterDev 6.0 Guided Tour

MSDN Library Start Page

MSDN Online Case Studies Home

MSDN Online Member Gazette - Index

MSDN Online Training - Training Resources for Site Server Commerce Edition

MSDN Online Voices - More or Hess - Index

MSDN Online Voices - The Duwamish Books Sample Application

MSDN Online Web Workshop

N-Tier Development Model

NetDynamics and Microsoft Announce EnterpriseTechnology - NetDynamics News

New Era of Networks -- Enterprise Application Integration

Newsletter Archives (Microsoft Mindshare) Mastering Distributed Application Design

Office 2000 Developer Preview

Overview of Mastering Enterprise Development Using Microsoft Visual Basic 6

PC Week Microsoft crafts an answer to Sun's Star Division buy

PC Week Microsoft set to roll out DNA management tools

Planet IT Windows 2000 TechCenter Microsoft Janus Will Follow Win 2000 Rollout

Redistributing Microsoft Data Access Components

Redistributing MS Data Access Components

reduce IT complexity by exploiting Microsoft Windows NT

Securing Multi-tier Applications

The Internet--Just Another Name for ClientServer Computing

The Microsoft Defense Site @ The Ayn Rand Institute

The New System Design

The Results Are In Microsoft's Web Platform Leads in Scalability and Performance

Thin Client Applications End of the Road for Microsoft Not Likely!

Thin Client Three-tier Architecture

Three-Tier Development and Visual Studio 6.0 - MSDN Online Member Gazette

Three-Tiered Applications

Using MTS Components on Your Web Server with Java

Visual Studio Scalability

Visual Studio Solutions Center

Web Applications An Overview

Web Publishing the Microsoft Way - Technology News from Wired News

Web Workshop - IIS 4.0 and MTS 2.0 Technology for the Web

Web Workshop - Managing In-Process COM Components Using MTS and ASP Technology

Web Workshop - Technology's Next Steps

Web Workshop - Unraveling Windows DNA

Web Workshop - Using Internet Technology

Web Workshop More or Hess - Make Your Web App's Reach Equal Its Grasp

Web Workshop More or Hess - The Flip Side of Web Apps

Welcome to Microsoft Product Support Services

Windows 2000 Professional ROI Impacts for Corporate Customers [Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional]

ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - Microsoft Dabbles In Software Hosting Waters


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