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DataBase Related Links

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Ask the SQL Pro QA- Inserting Images to SQL Using a SP and N-tier App

Briefing Book Data warehouses go mainstream (Datamation March 1998)

Data Access Via ODBC and JDBC

Data Thick and Thin - JDBC

Database Programming and Design

Database-Web Middleware

DBMS - August 1996 - Reporting Against Large Databases

DBMS - Reporting Against Large Databases

Desegrating DBMSs - DBMS - May 1997 - Server Side The Journal IT Focus Introducing SQL Server 7.0 stored procedures The Journal IT Focus Leveraging Performance Improvements in SQL Server 7.0

DocaSoft - Free JDBC driver for Distributed Database Access

Dr. Dobb's Journal January 1998 Examining JDBC Drivers

DSTC - Distributed Databases Unit - Index (public)

Ellison's Database Epiphany

Examining Web database architectures and tools

Guidelines for Selecting Database Application Development Tools

How does Java fit into the object-relational picture (InfoWorld)

IDUG International DB2 Users Group

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Java in the Database

java development tools for database access with cocobase from THOUGHT Inc.

Java in the Database - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Enterprise Developer

JDBC Driver - 100% Pure Java

JDBC Driver Case Study - Publishing Legacy Data to the Web

JDBC(TM) Technology

Metadata Strategy - TDAN - Smith

MIDDLEWARESpectra's Vendor Reference Database

Mongoose - internet enabled enterprise development application database using microsoft dna and sql server

Multitier Architecture in Data Warehouses

Network Magazine Tutorials Network Software SQL Front Ends

Object Persistence--Crying Out for a Standard API

Object-relational databases (InfoWorld)

OpenLink Software -Multiple-Tier Configuration

Oracle8i - Internet Database

Performance Computing - A Guide To Large-Database Tuning

Performance Computing - Features - Mission-Critical Web Databases

POET Software - Data Management for the Internet Age.

Symantec Corporation Symantec dbANYWHERE- Evaluating Network Database Architecture

Synchronization Or Replication IT Managers Need Both For Now


The network is the computer and the DBMS is the operating system

turning to databases as the file system of choice - Special News Report (InfoWorld)

Using Database Transactions in Java

Vendors Bring Big-Time Storage To Small-Timers

VORTEx01 - Virtual Object Run Time Expository

Web Review - Distributed Transactions SQL and Application Servers

Web Review - ISG Navigator

Webmonkey databases PHPMySQL Tutorial

World Client Server N-Tier DBMS Software Markets - Report

World Client-Server N-Tier DBMS Software Markets

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