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DNA Related Links

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Copy of Shortcut to DNA Under the Hood

A Tutorial on Microsoft Technologies - COM, DCOM, COM+, ActiveX, MTS, DNA, ASP, RDS, Tutorial for building distributed web applications

ADT- Nov 1998 Building distributed applications with DCOM and MTS

ASP Stop

Banking on Windows DNA - - News - Services & Consulting

BoxSpoon.Com Resources for Windows DNA

Building N-Tier Applications with COM and Visual Basic - Web Builder Book of the Week

Building Scalable Applications with Windows NT and DCOM

Building Windows Applications for the Internet Age

Business Rule Studio

Chili!Soft Home

CNN - What exactly is Windows DNA - September 15 1999

COM and DCOM from

COM Glossary

COM Plus Watch - COMDeveloper's Eagle Eye on the future of COM and DCOM

COM versus CORBA A Decision Framework

COM+ is the way forward for COM development part 2- from Wrox Press

COM+ is the way forward for COM development- from Wrox Press

COM-CORBA Interoperability - Chapter Four Download

COM-DCOM-ATL Article Directory for the Programmer - COMDeveloper

Comparing Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) to Enterprise JavaBeans

Creating Objects With VB (Web Techniques May 1999)

d e v h e a d ActiveX Data Objects

DBPD - The NT Files

DCOM - The Distributed Component Object Model

DCOM 3 Distributed COM

DCOM Article - A Technical and Business Overview

Design Principles of Windows DNA - Architecture

Designing and Building Microsoft Windows DNA Applications

Digital nervous system The future face of information infrastructure - Windows NT Advantage

Distributed Computing and Windows NT 5.0 Feature Article June 1997

Distributed Simulation USING DCOM

DNA Architecture Graphic

DNA testing Put a load on early and often

DNA white paper from Microsoft (zip) for WEB DEVELOPERS


Exchange & Outlook Overview

Exploring Microsoft's DNA (Web Techniques May 1999)

Frequently Asked Questions About Windows DNA

IIS 4.0 and MTS 2.0 Technology for the Web

IIS and ISAPI (Web Techniques Aug 1999)

INS24 International Network Services and Windows 2000 Deployment

Introducing Windows 2000 Server

Learn About Windows DNA

Managing objects - DCOM and CORBA vie for supremacy - (InfoWorld)

Micromail - Programming Distributed Applications with COM & Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Pattison) + CD-ROM

Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)

Microsoft ADO Product Information

Microsoft BackOffice - Building Knowledge Management Solutions Using BackOffice with Office 2000

Microsoft COM Technologies - Information and Resources for the Component Object Model-based technologies

Microsoft Digital Nervous System - Digital Nervous System Home Page - Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft PressPass - Microsoft Hewlett-Packard and CoreTech Consulting Group Unite To Deploy Windows DNA Development Lab Services

Microsoft PressPass - Unify Joins With Microsoft to Strengthen E-Commerce Support For Windows DNA

Microsoft Tackles Distributed Computing -- Upcoming Release Of Windows 2000 Puts New Emphasis On WinDNA - TechSearch

Microsoft to glue Win DNA apps

Microsoft Universal Data Access What's New Page

Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Application Architecture

Microsoft's vice president makes Windows DNA pitch (InfoWorld)

MS Transaction Server A General Purpose Infrastructure for Multitier Applications

MSDN Online Voices - Dr. GUI

N-Tier Development Model

Nov98 NCSA Symera - Distributed parallel-processing using DCOM

OLE DB and ADO the way to connect to Visual Studio

Oracle targets ISVs, ISPs with ASP initiative

Overview of Windows DNA

PC Week Microsoft set to roll out DNA management tools

PC World Online - Windows DNA Wins Initial Praise

Scenario #3 Leveraging the power of OLE DB & DCOM to build distributed & re-usable data-aware applications

The Application Specification for Windows 2000 - Logo Certification

The Architects First Get the Spec Right [Windows 2000 development Windows NT development]

The Scalability Factor - Microsoft's COM+ architecture promises to make Windows NT applications truly scalable

The Very Basics of COM - COM and DCOM from

Understanding DCOM - Online Book

Understanding the Microsoft Windows DNA Architecture

WEB SOLUTIONS - Using Microsoft tools to develop Distributed Intranet Applications

Web Workshop - Unraveling Windows DNA

What is DNA

Windows 2000 On The Verge Of Shipping

Windows 2000 Server - Increased Reliability

Windows DNA Architecture - The application development model for the Windows platform

Windows DNA Design Deck

Windows DNA Fact Sheet

Windows DNA Home Page

Windows DNA Labs and Training

Windows DNA News Archive

Windows DNA News

Windows DNA Overview

Windows DNA Performance Kit

Windows DNA Samples

Windows DNA White Papers

Windows Europe - DNA News Archive

Working with Active Server Pages - Chapter 1

Working with Active Server Pages - Chapter 3

Working with Active Server Pages - Chapter 4

Working with Active Server Pages - Chapter 5

Working with Active Server Pages - Online Book - Table of Contents

Wrox Web-Developer 'Doing DNA' Page by Charles Carroll

 ASP 101 - The place where ASP developers GO!


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