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Architecture Related Links

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DT Consulting Services ~ a premier Microsoft Partner in UK providing software Architecture Consulting

3 (N) Tier Client Server Architectures and the World Wide Web

3- and n-Tier Architectures

3-Tier Architectures

A Scalable Architecture

A Strategic Shift to JavaBeans(TM) Component Architecture

Adapters & Integrated Architecture

ADT - June 1998 Architectures Objects Middleware & Components

An n-tier Architecture

An ObjectWeb Computing Architecture

Architecting Architecture - Giga View - CIO Magazine April 15 1998

Architectural Digest - Learning Curve - CIO Magazine January 15 1998

Architecture Overview - IBM Application Framework for e-business

Architecture-Centered Development or Bust

Battle for the middle ground - Technology @

Blueprint for Harmony - ARCHITECTURE - CIO Magazine September 1 1999

Brickhouse Object Architecture

Buddha as Software Developer or Zen COM and the Beauty of Three-Tier Architectures

Build user interfaces for object-oriented systems Part 2 The visual-proxy architecture - JavaWorld September 1999

Business Links - Oracle's Network Computing Architecture

Cetus Links on Objects and Components Architecture and Design General Information

Client-Server or Web Which Way to Go - Slide Show

CNET - Sun looks toward a new dawn in thin clients

Corba design & architecture

CSS - N-Tier Data Architecture Overview

Cutter Consortium Distributed Computing Architecture

d e v h e a d - Understanding Client-Server Computing

d e v h e a d Understanding Client-Server Computing

Data Architecture - Recommended Best Practices

DataQuest - Software Component Architectures

DBMS Tiers Without Tears - Packaging logic into components makes multitier architectures less painful

Defense Logistics Agency- Architecture Guidelines

design & architecture - CORBA

Design Principles of Windows DNA - Architecture

Developers Java Web architecture Library - Papers

developerWorks Java technology Web architecture XML Library - Papers

Distributed Component-based Architecture Approach

Distributed Computing Architecture Advisory Service Consulting Team

Distributed Corporate Architectures

DNA Architecture Graphic

DSTC Architecture Unit

Emerging Architectures For Customer Channel Management - Call Center Solutions Feature

Enterprise - N tier Architecture Performance & Scalability

Evolution of Client-Server Architecture - Appendix

Evolution of Software Application Architectures

Examining Web database architectures and tools

Finding the Middle Ground - The Basics of N-Tier Architecture

From Architecture to Reality

IBM developerWorks Java technology Web Architecture XML Library - Papers

IBM Defining a Target Architecture

In Search of Great Architecture

Information Management Client Spotlight An Integrated IT Architecture Ties Past To Future

Infotectonics Information Architecture and Design

Infoworld GAP stays in style with n-tier architecture and BEA Tuxedo

Integrated Information Environment--A Technology Architecture for the Next Century

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Legacy and the stampede toward multitier architecture

Internet Information Services Architecture

Introducing Swing Architecture

Java Technology Architecture Planning and Design

Managing Large-Scale Change - Overview of the Siebel Internetworked N-Tiered Architecture

Marvel Architecture

MeltingPoint Architecture

Microsoft Windows Distributed interNet Application Architecture

Migrating Existing Information Systems To Component Architectures

Molloy Group Knowledge Solutions for CRM Architecture

Monash NetWatcher -- Feb 8 1999

MSDN - N-Tier apps are the same thing as Windows Distributed interNet Architecture

Multi-Tier Architectures - Borland

Multitier Architecture in Data Warehouses

N-Tier Architecture Distributed Objects .. The Kitchen Sink ..


NaviSys - Beacon Announces New N-tier Distributed Computing Architecture for their LifeCAD-MP policy administration system

NCompass System Inc.- N-Tier


NexPrise Products ipTeam Architecture

North Carolina state's client platform architecture

OAGIS XML Architecture and DTD Downloads

Object-Oriented Architecture of Business Process Catalogue -- Hruby OOPSLA'99 Business Object Component Workshop

Oracle’s Internet Computing Architecture

Overview n-Tier Architecture

PC Magazine PC Tech (Understanding ClientServer Computing)

Planet IT Executive Strategies TechCenter The New Architecture Integrating Processes and Technologies in the Age of Electronic Business

Scalable Architecture - The New View for HMI

September 1999 Features Building Enterprise Architecture

Sequent - Web Enabled Data Center - N-Tier Architecture, A Pragmatic Approach - Whitepaper

Software Architecture Software Architects and Architecting

State of Delaware - N-tier Computing Architecture

Statewide Technical Architecture Table of Contents

STIRRING THINGS UP - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Warehouse Architect

Sybase's Adaptive Component Architecture

Symantec Corporation Symantec dbANYWHERE- Evaluating Network Database Architecture

TCO with StarLIMS a Multi Tier Application

The Accounting Software Handbook -- Client-Server Architecture

The age of context-based architecture


The Cutter Consortium Distributed Computing Architecture Online Resources

The Emergence of a Business Object Component Architecture - Sutherland OOPSLA'99 Business Object Component Workshop

The Open Group portal to the world of IT Architecture

The Scalability Factor - Microsoft's COM+ architecture promises to make Windows NT applications truly scalable

The WebSphere Application Server architecture and programming model

Thin Client Three-tier Architecture

Towards a Web Object Model

Towards an Active Network Architecture

Two and Three and n-Tiered Architecture

Understanding the Microsoft Windows DNA Architecture

W3C Architecture Domain

Web Architecture Extensible languages

Web Object Model II - Some Web Object Model Construction Technologies

Welcome to the MAJCTM Home Page Microprocessor Architecture for Java Computing

Windows DNA Architecture - The application development model for the Windows platform

WONDA a global architecture for business objects in the virtua

ZEOLogix - N-Tiered Architecture


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