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Application Integration Related Links

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Are you faced with a choice between DCOM and CORBA

Adapters & Integrated Architecture

An Object Lesson in Integration - MessageQ.Com - Interview with MAX DOLCIGER

Application Integration Conference Making Integration Work in the Real World

Application Logic Integration's New World Order

Architecting Architecture - Giga View - CIO Magazine April 15 1998

Blue Lobster Software Mainframe connectivity; ECI to CICS and 3270 terminal emulation

Browsing The Mainframe

Business benefits abound by `wrappering' legacy applications with Web technologies (InfoWorld)

Business benefits abound by `wrappering' legacy applications with Web technologies - InfoWorld

Can EAI Tools cut IT consulting costs - ADT Feature On EAI Apr 1999

CICS in the Distributed Enterprise - Report

DataDirect SequeLink - Leveraging a Common Server architecture to integrate ODBC and OLE DB

DBMS - June 1997 - Unlocking the Mainframe

Donít Neglect Your Legacy - Intelligent Enterprise Magazine

EIS - Integrating Back Office Systems with OpenConnect

Enterprise Integration The Next Big Thing in Construction Toys

Extend SAP to the Web - Message Q - News - Allaire Partners BackSoft

Fujitsu Announces Global Marketing of INTERSTAGE Inter-Working Software for Integrating Enterprise Applications

GigaWorld - Internet application integration (IAI) - IT Forumb Demand for Electronic Business Solutions Creating New Technology Market

How IAI differs from EAI

Integrated Information Environment--A Technology Architecture for the Next Century

Integrating Enterprise Applications

Integrating Windows NT Server 4.0 with NetWare UNIX IBM and Macintosh Operating Systems

Integration The Enterprise as Organism

Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - Enterprise application integration

Java and CORBA - a smooth blend

Legacy OSSBSS Application Integration and Migration

Mainframe Integration Using CORBA - Part 1 of 2

Microsoft Finally Consents to Marriage of Software Models

Migrating client-server and legacy systems to the Web - KeyLogic Systems Inc White Paper

Netting it out -- B2B Integration

Network Magazine Back Issues February 1998 Web-Enabling Your Mainframe

Nirvana Revisited Data Access in a Heterogeneous Environment

OAGIS -Open Applications Group Integration Specification

Old-style applications and the web

Open Applications Group

September 1999 Features Building Enterprise Architecture

Strategies for Integrating Legacy Systems with a Common Business Object Model Implementation -- Rasmus OOPSLA'99 Business Object Component Workshop

The state of Application Integration - Application Development Trends - August 1998

Tying Web to Mainframes Is Slow-Growing Market IW March 9 1998

UPSIDE TODAY The Intelligence Game

User-Interface Level EAI

Web Application Servers Give Green Light To ERP -- Integration Tools Give ERP A Role In E-Commerce

Web Workshop - Specs & Standards -- Enabling Interoperability with Windows


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